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3 Digital Solutions to Kickstart Your Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) Journey

A practical guide for applying software solutions to your next decentralized clinical trial

Clinical trials have historically been a challenging and expensive matter for pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and these difficulties were only exacerbated with the COVID-19 outbreak.

But even without COVID-19, site-centric trials place a large burden on patients and sites, since they require on-site screening visits, check-up visits and manual paper diaries. This is costly for healthcare companies and often results in low patient recruitment and high drop-out rates. Among the top challenges of traditional clinical trials (TCTs) are:

  • Site recruitment
  • Patient recruitment
  • Patient retention
  • Diversity in the patient population
  • Monitoring.

Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) offer a powerful alternative and can solve many of the above-mentioned problems with TCTs by relying on secure, digital solutions and by shifting the focus away from a physical study site and into patients’ homes. Adoption of DCTs has surged as a result of the pandemic, as these trials help to ensure social distancing measures through remote monitoring options. 

To conduct a successful DCT, however, healthcare companies need the right digital solutions to take their trials remote. This requires secure and reliable software solutions which can be accessed by all relevant parties. This Whitepaper showcases three essential digital solutions which will help you kick-start and accelerate siteless clinical trials under the new normal.

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