5 Tips for Decentralized Clinical Trials

Making clinical data collection future-proof with digital solutions

COVID-19 has driven digitalization in many areas, including healthcare. One leading-edge trend is decentralized or virtual studies. They offer numerous benefits such as cost savings, faster study completion, simplified patient recruitment and improved patient retention. In addition, decentralized clinical trials allow you to reach more study participants because this form of study is not tied to a specific geographic location.

But how far have decentralized clinical trials become part of everyday clinical data collection? In our recent survey on clinical trial challenges, 79% of respondents have no experience with decentralized or virtual trials. Time to embrace decentralized clinical trials now and make clinical data collection future-proof and competitive!

This Whitepaper outlines five simple tips on how to make your decentralized clinical trial a success, including: 

  • Leverage digital solutions
  • Involve all stakeholders
  • Promote patient centricity
  • Reward the use of DCTs
  • Long-term planning

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