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Climedo Connect: Building a Patient-Centric World in Clinical Research

June 28 2022 | 5 – 6 PM CET (11 AM EDT)

Climedo Connect 8 Patient Centricity

Tuesday, June 28 2022 | 5 – 6 PM CET

The digital transformation of healthcare is disrupting many existing structures and processes. This change goes hand in hand with a growing need for patient centricity. But what makes a process truly patient centric? And how will this affect the healthcare market in the long term?

Digitalization will play a key role in this transformation – for example, digital tools are already enabling patients to connect directly with their doctors or healthcare providers without even needing to leave their homes. In the field of clinical research, patient centricity is an important topic that offers numerous many benefits.

In our next Climedo Connect on June 28, Leia Garrote Gallego (Roche) will give us some interesting insights on the topic of patient centricity in the world of clinical research. In addition to the presentation, you'll have the opportunity to take part in various live surveys, network with other attendees and, of course, ask our experts any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Our Speakers

Laura black and white
Laura Dosch 

Account Manager

As an Account Manager at Climedo, Laura Dosch accompanies customers from the medical device sector on their way to the successful digitalization of clinical trials. She advises companies on the use of Climedo's modular, decentralized and patient-oriented solutions.

Leia Roche black and white
Leia Garrote Gallego

Personalized HealthCare Partner

Leia Garrote Gallego is a Personalized Healthcare (PHC) Expert at Roche Pharma in Spain. Following her Degree in Medicine, she joined Roche in 2014 and is now part of the PHC team. She and her team develop and implement different collaborations to improve digital health and personalized diagnosis across different therapeutic areas.


  • Intro (Laura Dosch)
  • Building a patient-centric world in clinical research (Leia Garrote Gallego) 
  • Exchange and discussion with all attendees

Your Takeaways


Insights into the current state of patient centricity in healthcare.


How to focus on patient expectations, needs and desires in the best way possible.


Talk to other industry professionals and find out how they are tackling challenges similar to yours.


The Digital Platform for Innovative Clinical Trial Execution.

Our modular and user-friendly EDC solution ("Electronic Data Capture") enables pharmaceutical and medical device companies to efficiently validate their products and medical innovations in a virtual and patient-centric way.

By digitally connecting all parties involved, such as sponsors, doctors and patients, communication and data flow are simplified and accelerated significantly.

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Illustration depicting Climedo's ecosystem including Web-based DCT/EDC Platform, eConsent, Telehealth, Remote Screening, eCOA/ePRO and Wearables. All those elements are connected.