Expert Guide:
ePRO versus analog PRO in Clinical Trials –
a Comparison

Guide ePRO vs. PRO EN

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) have become increasingly important in clinical research in recent years. At the same time, digital technologies are establishing in healthcare and ePROs (electronic patient-reported outcomes) are increasingly being used alongside PROs to record electronic patient-related outcomes. But what are the differences between ePRO and paper-based PRO? What are the benefits and challenges of each? Our expert guide on this topic includes the following: 

  • Benefits of ePROs
  • Challenges of ePROs
  • Example of an ePRO questionnaire from Climedo
  • Benefits of paper-based PROs
  • Challenges of paper-based PROs

We hope you enjoy the expert guide and gain some valuable insights into the dynamic evolution of the study landscape. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us:


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