Digital Patient Journey in Healthcare

Visual Patient Journey Infographic Healthcare

The patient journey describes the patient's path in the healthcare system. All phases – from the beginning of symptoms to the end of treatment – are visualized here. It shows at a glance where the touchpoints between patients and the healthcare system are, throughout the entire course of the disease. 

Our infographic shows the benefits of an optimized patient journey and how you can outline the ideal patient journey in 5 steps, including: 

  • Awareness
  • Diagnosis 
  • Choice of Treatment 
  • Therapy Cycles 
  • Follow-up

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The Digital Platform for Innovative Clinical Trial Execution.

Our modular and user-friendly EDC solution ("Electronic Data Capture") enables pharmaceutical and medical device companies to efficiently validate their products and medical innovations in a virtual and patient-centric way.

By digitally connecting all parties involved, such as sponsors, doctors and patients, communication and data flow are simplified and accelerated significantly.

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Illustration depicting Climedo's ecosystem including Web-based DCT/EDC Platform, eConsent, Telehealth, Remote Screening, eCOA/ePRO and Wearables. All those elements are connected.