Climedo Connect 10 with Trialflow and Helios

Climedo Connect: Mastering Site Selection & Collaboration in Clinical Trials

October 25 2022

Clinical Sites

Tuesday, October 25 2022

A successful clinical trial is not only about gathering meaningful results, but also about having good kick-off phase and staying within the planned timeframe and budget. That's why study sponsors and CROs must manage their site recruitment with maximum efficiency. Site collaboration is more challenging than it may seem and the choice of appropriate sites for clinical trials can be very time- and cost-consuming. But how can sponsors and CROs overcome the hurdles when it comes to site recruitment? And how can sites and companies work together as efficiently as possible? 

In our Climedo Connect on October 25, Leona Turner (Trialflow) and Andrea Pelzer (Helios Klinikum Krefeld) gave us some interesting insights on the topic of mastering the site selection and collaboration in clinical trials. They also presented some initial results of a survey conducted by Climedo and Trialflow on digital tools in clinical trials and patient recruitment. In addition to the presentation, attendees took part in various live surveys, networked with other attendees and, of course, asked our experts any questions they had.

Our Speakers

Laura Dosch Climedo-1
Laura Dosch 

Account Manager

As an Account Manager at Climedo, Laura Dosch accompanies customers from the medical device sector on their way to the successful digitalization of clinical trials. She advises companies on the use of Climedo's modular, decentralized and patient-oriented solutions.

Leona Turner-circle

Leona Turner 

Founder and CEO

As a business economist and former venture developer, Leona Turner has developed various digital business models in several industries and created solutions through customer-centric process optimization. She is the CEO and founder of Trialflow, which addresses the challenges of the study start-up phase with a special focus on site collaboration.

Andrea Pelzer-circle
Andrea Pelzer

Head of Study Coordination
Helios Klinikum Krefeld

Andrea Pelzer has been Head of Study Coordination at Helios Klinikum Krefeld since 2019. After more than 20 years' experience as a nurse in various hospitals, she has been working in clinical trials since 2013, initially as a flying study nurse, then as a study coordinator in site management. Here she has accompanied and implemented over 35 clinical studies.


  • Intro (Laura Dosch)
  • Mastering the challenges of site selection & collaboration in the study startup (Leona Turner and Andrea Pelzer
  • Exchange and discussion with all attendees


A site study leader gives us insights on how sponsors can best support sites in the start-up phase.


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