IVDR Survey conducted by Climedo and TRIGA-S

Survey Results: Status of IVDR Implementation 2022

Status of IVDR Implementation 2022

The objective of the IVDR survey was to assess the status of IVDR implementation a few weeks before the effective date. 45 IVD manufacturers participated in the survey. Of these, more than half were small companies with fewer than 50 employees. All risk classes were represented, particularly A (sterile), B and C. The majority of respondents had not yet certified their products under IVDR.

The results show that the requirements are already clear to most companies, but the majority are still in the middle of preparation, very few have started EUDAMED registration and only half have a Notified Body. The most challenging aspects of the IVDR are the timelines, performance requirements and post-market requirements.

Excerpt of the results:

  • 60% of respondents knew the IVDR requirements and associated responsibilities "well" and 26% "very well".
  • Nearly 85% of companies were still "in the middle" of IVDR preparation; 11% had "not yet started".
  • For their clinical data capture, 47% were using Excel, 21% were using paper and 17% were using an EDC ("Electronic Data Capture") system
  • 39% of respondents had no support for meeting the IVDR requirements, while 22%
    had support from a testing laboratory, and 10% from a CRO, legal manufacturer,
    and service provider for patent protection, respectively
  • 43% did not yet have a Notified Body

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