Infographic for Medical Device Manufacturers: Get Ready for the EU MDR in 2021

In May 2017, a new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) was established across the European Union. Its objective is to validate the safety and efficacy of medical devices more thoroughly and proactively.

As a result, all Medical Device Manufacturers will need to show evidence of a consistent and proactive process to document their pre- and post-market clinical research activities for medical devices of all classes.

Download your free copy of the infographic and discover 5 specific steps you should take to better prepare for the new EU MDR, such as:

  • Appointing a compliance expert within your organization
  • Planning for more stringent audits
  • Improving your proactive and reactive PMS activities 
  • Reevaluating your devices with regard to technical files and UDIs
  • Selecting a suitable Notified Body before EUDAMED commences

By the way, this infographic is best viewed on your mobile or desktop and not printed