Leveraging Electronic Data Capture Solutions to Boost Your EU MDR Strategy

6 Advantages of Digital Data Collection for Faster Clinical Validation

The administrative burden of paper studies among medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and CROs is a known issue: Meeting budget plans and managing patient data on paper is always a challenge, especially in multicenter studies or Post-Market Surveillance activities. But many companies still lag behind when it comes to switching to more advanced data collection systems. 

In view of the EU MDR, which medical device companies must comply with since May 2021, the demands on technical documentation and clinical evidence are only increasing. Paper-based systems are simply not able to keep up. We therefore expect more and more companies to start moving towards EDC (electronic data capture) solutions

What advantages can EDC systems offer your company? This Whitepaper explores the different methodologies available (such as eCOA, ePRO, eDiaries) and highlights six key benefits of EDC solutions, including 

  1. Data quality and EU MDR compliance
  2. Cost reductions
  3. Patient retention
  4. Better patient experience 
  5. Time saving
  6. Increased efficiency

We hope you will enjoy reading  the report. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at hello@climedo.de.